About me

What I’m doing now: I am currently a PostDoc at Queen Mary University of London, under the supervision of Ivan Tomasic and Behrang Noohi.

What I’m thinking about: Topos theory, at its core, is motivated by recognising topological ideas in settings which are not obviously topological – e.g. in algebraic geometry (etale cohomology), or in logic (the classifying topos of geometric theories). My PhD work involved investigating various interactions between algebraic geometry & logic, guided by this unique topological lens.

  • Thesis : Adelic Geometry via Topos Theory PDF. Here's a brief overview.

Aside from developing the various ideas explored in my thesis, I’m also thinking about:

  • Interactions between model theory & topos theory: Hrushovski-Loeser theory, Keisler's Order, AECs, etc.
  • K-Theory and Scissors Congruence

Academic Background: I did my PhD at the University of Birmingham, under the supervision of Steve Vickers. Prior to my time at Birmingham, I did my Masters at Durham University and my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. My MSc thesis was on Birman-Williams’ work on Lorenz knots. My BA thesis was on Aquinas’ 3rd Way.